Who among us has not taken a step away from our distress, if just for a moment?  Perhaps the moment taken arises out of being faced with an untenable situation where our senses are utterly and adversely confronted by the magnitude of what is happening.  Whatever triggers taking a moment away to pause, purposely accept the invitation.

For me, I take time out to look at the nearby evergreen trees – now standing stately and calm.  If viewed from a distance, they melt together, softening my view and create a magical screen.  And, without prompting, I take a deep breath.   Up close, I can see each tree differs one from another as we do.  Each has its own pattern of bark, limb structure and greenery – a living and growing entity.  The strong trunks remind me that standing up to adversity fosters resilience.  The fact that trees serve as a homes for birds, animals and bugs, reminds me of the interconnection, including acceptance of and reliance on others, which is ingrained in nature.

The pressures of events, situations, harsh circumstances – whatever they are – are put aside when I take the moment to really contemplate what I am seeing.  The urgency or distress I may have felt evaporates and all that is left, for that moment, is a sense of calm and peace.  Such a feeling is to be closely guarded.


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