I sit here staring at my toes — a subtle red/brown/orange color with glitter — covering the nails. I wiggle them to catch the reflection of the bedroom light. Admiring the newly done pedicure – those toes are well cared for and, if I do say so, pretty perky. Of course only the cat and I will see them. But there they sit. Little Christmas beacons. A sign that I care.

You know, for me, it is no longer a luxury to have a pedicure. It is a necessity. I am past the age where the ability to catch and cut toenails is “a piece of cake.” Couple that with a well-endowed mid-section and the dreaded occasional shaky hands make it clear that someone else can do a better job. My toes are grateful as is my mind.

As we age, there are things that we would benefit from having help from others, and one of the blessings of aging is that we can give up the facade that we must be independent in everything. Aging does not mean that you have to give up your independence, but where such things, as a pedicure done by someone else, make a healthier you, why not?

Can you pick out those activities that still bring you pleasure and a sense of accomplishment? Are there things that you dread or that you notice are not so successful or wish you did not have to do? Is there another way to get those things accomplished?I’m thinking in the future, I may no longer want to be the person who cleans the blinds covering the windows or scrub the shower. Although I like all of those things done, because it signifies to me a clean house, it is not blasphemy or a “failure of character” to have someone else do them. I still love to try a new recipe, do “strong bones” exercises, play handbells and drive my car. My choice.

So figure it out. If it is something you do with joy and can do independently, go for it. If you find you need help to get something done, figure out how to get the help you need to get it done. One of the goals, at this point in life, is finding the balance between independence and assistance.

For me, pedicures clearly fall in the latter category.