First Blog Post

Here is my first step to share opinions, thoughts and opinions that arise in the course of living.  A new leaf on the branch of life’s tree.

We come into this world with the capacity to view life around us, draw our own conclusions and develop a life philosophy.  Granted, each of us is subject to different environments and events – some of our choosing, some of the effects of the actions of others and some just of the luck of the draw.

I was born in a time when television and computers were not yet available for public use and Face Book, Twitter, and other social media were clearly not even a glint in someone’s eye.  Rather, kids’ imagination were spurred by the use of household items that would double for a horse (broomstick), a tent (table cloth draped over whatever), or whatever was found to fit the  need.  Was it a better time than now?  I cannot say.

Now that I’m now on the other side of seventy at the end of my professional work career (25 years as an attorney, and prior to that, 20 years as a registered nurse), I can’t help but see every day, significant lessons to be taken from the most common of human experiences.   You are welcome and invited to participate in my wandering thoughts about these more common life details.

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